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Sobek was an ancient Egyptian god. He is usually represented as having a Nile crocodile head in place of a human one.


Sobek was associated with the Nile, the military and fertility in ancient Egypt. He was considered a protective deity, one that could ward off evil. A bit of Pyramid text from the Old Kingdom calls Sobek the 'lord of semen'. High praise indeed.

Sobek was sometimes violent and very sexual, and was said to take women from their husbands for a bit of the old 'hows yer Pharaoh?' If stretched far enough, you could connect Sobek to the Reptilians because they too are violent reptiles who, apparently, like to have sex with human woman. However, burning loins aside, Sobek restored sight to the dead and would protect them from Set, another ancient Egyptian deity. Therefore he is marginally different from our modern reptilians who want world domination.