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They were an Alternative Rock band, formed in 1982, out of Rugby, Warwickshire, England, by Peter Kember and Jason Pierce.

Their music was described, by Stephen Erlewine, of AllMusic, as;- "colourfully mind-altering, but not in the sense of the Acid Rock of the 1960s; instead, the band developed its own minimalistic psychedelia".

They rose to public prominence on the Indie / Rave / Rock / Shoegaze crossover scene around the late 1980s, earning themselves a strong cult following.

Spacemen 3 disbanded shortly afterwards, releasing their final studio album post-split during 1991 after an acrimonious parting of ways.

The band members did gain a reputation as a ‘drug band’ due to the members’ drug taking habits and the candid/outspoken views about recreational drug use expressed by Kember during interviews.

Kember and Pierce were the only members in common through all line-ups of the band.
These founding members have achieved great success with their following projects, Sonic Boom/Spectrum and Spiritualized.


Studio Albums List

1) Sound of Confusion (Glass) 1986

Spacemen 3 1.jpg

2) The Perfect Prescription (Glass) 1987

Spacemen 3 2.jpg

3) Playing with Fire (Fire) 1989

Spacemen 3 3.jpg

4) Taking Drugs To Make Music To (Father Yod) 1991

Spacemen 3 4.jpg

5) Recurring (Fire) 1991

Spacemen 3 5.jpg

Live Albums List

1) Performance (Glass) 1988 (recorded at Melkweg gig, Amsterdam, 1988)

Spacemen 3 6.jpg

2) Dreamweapon (Cheree) 1990 (An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music' performance at Watermans Art Centre, Brentford, London, 1988)

Spacemen 3 7.jpg

3) Live In Europe 1989 (Space Age) (recorded during 1989 European tour)

Spacemen 3 8.jpg

4) Spacemen Are Go! (Bomp!) 1995 (recorded during 1989 European tour)

Spacemen 3 9.jpg

Singles & EPs

  1. "Walkin' With Jesus" (Glass) 1986
  2. "Transparent Radiation" (Glass) 1987
  3. "Take Me To The Other Side" (Glass) 1988
  4. "Revolution" (Fire) 1988
  5. (untitled) aka "Threebie 3" (Fierce) 1989 [Special limited edition, mail order offer with Playing with Fire album. Live recording: performances at Melkweg gig, Amsterdam, 1988, excluded from Performance album]
  6. "Hypnotized" (Fire) 1989
  7. "Big City" (Fire) 1991

Compilation Album

  1. Translucent Flashbacks - The Glass Singles (Fire) 1995 (First three singles)

Special re-release Albums List

  1. Playing with Fire (Space Age) 1999 (Playing with Fire plus alternate versions etc. from same sessions; double CD)
  2. Forged Prescriptions (Space Age) 2004 (Perfect Prescription alternate mixes plus alternate versions etc. from same sessions; double CD)

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