Speed Garage

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Speed garage has sped-up US Garage 4-to-the-floor vibe. Snares are placed as over the 2nd and the 4th kick-drums, adding that 2-step feel of UK Garage, Speed garage tunes have warp, heavy basslines and draw influence from Jungle and Reggae, also there is a suggested connection with Dub Step, and Dub.

Speed garage also features sweeping bass. It is also typical for speed garage tunes to have a breakdown. Speed garage tunes sometimes featured digitally processed vocals. Due to the heavy influence from Jungle, speed garage also uses Jungle and Dub sound effects, such as gunshot sounds.

A widely regarded pioneer of speed garage, is the producer, DJ and remixer Armand Van Helden, whose Dark Garage remix of the Sneaker Pimps' "Spin Spin Sugar" in 1996 is viewed by many to have brought the style of speed garage into the mainstream arena.