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Stephen William Mallinder (born 1 January 1955 in Sheffield) is an English singer/musician who was a founding member of Cabaret Voltaire, Sassi and Loco, the Ku-Ling Bros and Hey, Rube!. While in Cabaret Voltaire, he contributed lead vocals, bass and occasional keyboards.

Mallinder founded Cabaret Voltaire in 1973.



He also recorded as a solo artist in the 1980s, including the Pow-Wow album, released in 1983. In 1988 he recorded with members of Soft Cell in the band Love Street, and in 1989 he was a member of Acid Horse, a band which also featured Al Jourgensen of Ministry.

Mallinder is also the founder of the Off World Sounds label, releasing material under the names Ku-Ling Bros. and Sassi & Loco. In 1982 Mallinder was one of the founders of 'Doublevision', which was the UK's first independent video label with an associated record label – and of 'Plastex Records' in 1990.


He is a former journalist, including as a music journalist for Australian publications Ministry Magazine, Sunday Times and West Australian - and as a radio presenter and producer for RTRFM.

Stephen Mallinder has written a chapter for the publication Resonances: Noise and Contemporary Music (ISBN 9781441159373), edited by Benjamin Halligan, Nicola Spelman and Michael Goddard for Continuum International Publishing Group (publication date, 20 Jun 2013).

Stephen Mallinder book.jpg

This book is a collection of essays, proposing new critical approaches and inquiries regarding debate and analysis of Noize - from Post Punk to Shoegaze and beyond. Punk and Post Punk Noise, Chapter 5 by Stephen Mallinder, 'Sounds Incorporated: Dissonant Sorties into Popular Music'.


Mallinder gained his Ph.D in music and popular culture from Murdoch University in Perth in 2011 with his thesis Movement: Journey of the Beat. He now lives in Brighton and has been researching at the Art Design Medias Centre and teaching at the University of Brighton.

Current music projects

At present (2016) he is recording with Steve Cobby - one half of Fila Brazillia - under the name Hey, Rube!. Can You Hear Me Mutha?, their debut album (on Steel Tiger Records), was released in October 2012 - a series of further Hey, Rube! recordings were made ready for 2013 release.

Mallinder is also currently recording with Phil Winter of Tunng and Benge (Expanding Records) under the name Wrangler. The debut Ku-Ling Bros. album Creach was reissued in the United States through dPulse.

On February 2014, he collaborated with producer/remixer Dub Mentor on the single "Obsession" - which included three versions of a Cabaret Voltaire track. The single was released on the alternative/minimalist independent music label EnT-T.

A new single, recorded with Steve Cobby, is scheduled for release in April 2016.

Mallinder is currently recording with Phil Winter of Tunng and Benge (Expanding Records) under the name Wrangler. They have just released a new album "White Glue" (released 23 Sept 2016).

Solo Discography

1) "Temperature Drop" 12-inch single (1981), Fetish

Stephen Mallinder 1.jpg

2 ( Pow-Wow album (1983), Fetish - reissued with extra tracks as Pow-Wow Plus (1985), Mute

Stephen Mallinder 2.jpg

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