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DJ Stevie C's career began on a night out with some work Colleagues at the tender age of 18 to celebrate a colleague's departure. While on their way to the groups chosen destination they passed by the Hellfire club. As he walked passed the club Stevie noticed all the rockers outside and he was drawn towards the small doorway. Sadly his colleagues walked straight past the doorway and around the corner to Busby's (Later the LA2). On the door that evening was Lilly Savage, but not knowing the world of clubbing Stevie shrugged it off and headed downstairs. Inside past the pay point he was a bit scared by the collection of large sex toys and porn magazines mostly depicting men but as the club was playing 80's classics which he enjoyed he got in the beers and hit the dance floor. Things went great until in the middle of a Madonna song someone grabbed his butt, this caused Stevie to scurry to the nearest seat and sit next to the only female colleague in the bunch. Yes his first ever club visit was to G.A.Y.

Sad fact is today, at the age of 40 Stevie would've just shrugged that off or returned the favour... Ah, youth.

Next week Stevie headed down to the Hellfire club and a new world was opened. After a few months, realising clubbing was an expensive business, Stevie started handing out flyers for the Hellfire and Wag clubs for legendary promotion types (Dodgy Pete, Pat & Martin, Rodney/Lea Hart) and after expanding his clubbing to 6 nights a week (Monday - Hippodrome, Tuesday - Camden Palace, Wednesday - Wag, Thursday - The Borderline, Friday - Astoria or Ballroom, Saturday - Hellfire) and expanding his music horizons a promoter (Lea Hart) asked a question of Stevie "You have a lot of CD's right?" The answer was a resounding "Yes" and a 20+ year Career in DJ'ing was born.

Style & Training

Stevie's style can best be described as... eclectic, sometimes playing a single genre but more likely dancing around them reading the crowd and trying to keep people on the dance floor. As he would put it... "I'm a dance floor whore" Always happy (and dancing like an idiot) when others are having a good time he doesn't really care what he plays and long as people enjoy it. You can expect to hear anything Alternative come out of his decks, or anything mainstream. Well just expect some entertainment.

His specialties are Rock, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop and most things Retro. But He can also cope with Commercial Dance, Chart and nuggets of anything else.

Stevie has had the pleasure of working with some legendary names on the London club scene, tutored by Martin Ashton, Nick London, Nigel Patrick and Mark Maxwell and working with names like Dj Rex, Rockit Riyad, Deranged Dee, Shuff, Ben Cristo, Yogurt, Andy Cairnes, Tarrie B, Rob Flynn, Boy George... yes Boy George and many others he has also tried to pass on his theology and help train up a new group of DJ's who have gone on to run their own nights. Stevie has also worked a lot in Vienna especially with DJ Fly, The 666 Team, Ollie Popestar, Simon Moon and many others.

Current Residencies

Sin City @ Electric Ballroom
Project Mayhem @ Electric Ballroom
The Camden Eye
Retro Reprobates @ Caipirinha Jazz Bar
Intrepid Fox London

Stevie C's musical styles range from Rock, Heavy Metal and most things alternative to Soul, Hip Hop, R 'n' B, Chart & Anything Retro.

Where has Stevie C performed?

  1. The Roadhouse
  2. Rock Garden
  3. Oxfords (Hellfire Club)
  4. The Wag (Wild@Wag)
  5. Metros (Scream)
  6. Astoria Theatre (Kross/Rockscene)
  7. London Astoria 2 (Rockscene)
  8. The "O" Bar
  9. The Roadhouse (2nd Run)
  10. Sound (Kerrang Club)
  11. Hannover Grand (Kerrang Club)
  12. Brixton Academy (Bring the Noize)
  13. Intrepid Fox (Wardour street)
  14. Intrepid Fox (Centerpoint)
  15. Intrepid Fox (Archway Tavern)
  16. Caipirinha
  17. Gossips (Section 8)
  18. Electric Ballroom
  19. Belushi's Fulham
  20. Belushi's London Bridge
  21. Belushi's Camden
  22. The Camden Eye
  23. Download Festival (2006 + 2014)
  24. Voodoo Rock
  25. Electroworkz
  26. Nambucca
  27. Project Mayhem (Garage)
  28. Project Mayhem (Ballroom)
  29. St Moritz
  30. Purple Turtle (Camden)
  31. Purple Turtle (Reading)
  32. The Arena (666 - Vienna)
  33. Ottarkringer Brewery (Vienna)
  34. Club Megiddo (Vienna)
  35. Exx (Vienna)
  36. Club Shiff (Vienna)
  37. Horsturz (Vienna)
  38. The Borderline (Rockit & Section 8)

Associated Acts

Dj Rex
Rockit Riyad
Voodoo Rock London
666 (Vienna) DJ Fly (Vienna)



Being a bit classy at a private function. Well except for the Batman cans...


Stevie with Larry from Voodoo and Project Mayhem. Credit: Joe Brady


One of Stevie's favourite flyers ever, note, he is performing a "Fucking Rockstar" DJ Set...


Stevie, along with 4000 crazies (and more outside trying to get in) at 2014's Download festival.