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Susan Danuwan, has been very interested in different textile techniques since 2008, and loves to learn as much as possible, because textile knowledge is so vast, diverse, and funny so in order to keep learning and improve her fabrics, art items and installations.

Artist specialities

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Patchwork techniques (paper piecing is my new favourite technique), native hand made embroidery, batik and tye dye techniques, felting.


Teaching experience

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When she was younger she used to volunteer with different charity projects, specially with african refugees and latin american migrants passing through Mexico City, her service was in specific to teach them different textile techniques to empower them economically because too many of them are unemployed, and also to provide a space to be creative and have fun in community.

When she was living in TJ, México she was part of the cultural team to teach diverse art techniques for 2 months in the slums of the city of Tijuana and all the work was shown in the festival “TJ ART por una Tijuana cultural” on december the 22nd. 2014.

Educational background

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She studied all the credits of Ethnology in the National School of Anthropology in Mexico City, (2007 to 2010) and that is peculiar, but all that knowlege about different native cultures made her take the desition to research and execute textiles, and she will say she is enjoying the journey.

2012 and 2013 was time to learn hand made embroidery (mexican technique) with 3 sessions of 4 hours each one per week.

On october and november 2013 she spent a couple of months in a farm in Italy learning felting with exotic whools, having an amazing experience living in the Alps in a pretty small community of 14 inhabitants.

From the beginning of 2014 to june she studied in the CIATIV (Centro de Investigacion y Asistencia para la Industria del Vestido) the course of “Patchwork: techniques of the world”.

Living in Tijuana she learnt to tint fabrics using different techniques like tye dye and the basics of batik.

Festivals and exhibitions

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2015: “Exposicion muñequera”, she made an installation on the wall using her tinted fabrics and a quilt, in the City of Tijuana, Mexico.

2014: TJ ART FEST. In that festival she had an installation space of 20 ft. To show all the work made during the workshops in TJ.

On June of 2014 she was part of the “Digital space” in the festival “All my friends” in Rosarito Beach, México.

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