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An Alternative Rock / Indie / Shoegaze band formed out of Oxford during 1989, centered around the core members - Adam Franklin and Jimmy Hartridge.


Between 1989 and 1998, the band released four studio albums, numerous EPs and singles despite a considerable flux of members, managers, and record labels.

By 1993 the band’s lineup had settled with Franklin on vocals/guitar, Hartridge on guitar, Jez Hindmarsh on drums, and Steve George on bass. They had emerged with a heavier Rock style sound than their Shoegaze contemporaries, and over the next five years it evolved to include elements of Psychedelic Rock, Classic Pop, and Indie.

In 2008, the band reunited for touring purposes. They released their first new single in fifteen years in September 2013, and their first full-length album in seventeen years in March 2015.

Albums List

1) Raise (1991)


2) Mezcal Head (1993)


3) Ejector Seat Reservation (1995)


4) 99th Dream (1998)


5) I Wasn't Born to Lose You (2015)


6) Future Ruins (2019)

Future Ruins.jpg

Members Name Check

  • Adam Franklin – vocals, rhythm and lead guitar (1989–1998, 2008–present)
  • Jimmy Hartridge – lead guitar (1989–1998, 2008–present)
  • Steve George – bass (1993–1998, 2008–present)
  • Mikey Jones – drums, percussion (2011–present)
  • Adi Vines – bass (1989–1992)
  • Graham Bonnar – drums (1989–1992, 2010–2011)
  • Dan Davis – drums (1992)
  • Danny Ingram – drums (1992)
  • Jez Hindmarsh – drums (1993–1998, 2008–2010)

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