Symphonic Black Metal

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Symphonic black metal is a sub genre of Black Metal that takes inspiration from symphonic sounds and includes orchestral elements in its songs. It may make use of melodic instruments in some sections in the style of a symphony orchestra, sometimes with a full compliment of string instruments, sometimes brass instruments, plus sometimes woodwind instruments and keys. Vocals tend to be clean or operatic in style and song structures are more defined or are inspired by similar structures to symphonies. However, many Black Metal characteristics do remain, such as some of the shrieked vocals and the fast tempos and high-pitched electric guitars.

The sound can be, in literal terms "symphonic", but not in all occasions; although thick-sounding instrumentation and arpeggios is very common, so is dramatic soundscapes.

Nearly all symphonic black metal bands started out playing standard Black Metal. Black Metal groups began emphasising the guitar and adding elements of Progressive Rock and Psychedelic Rock as well as taking elements of Gothic metal, with an emphasis on a chilling and eerie feel.

The end result generally a lush, rich and textured sound, that tends to be more accessible than standard Black Metal.