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I am a techo-sexual. There, I said it. I'm officially out and proud. What is a techno-sexual I hear you ask, well let me tell you dear reader -

A technosexual is someone who gets turned on and aroused by robots, androids and/or machines. Data from Star Trek would be my dream date! And I would definitely be the first one in the clue for a sexbot when they get invented. So if you're sitting there nodding and smiling at the screen, then welcome brother/sister to the future of sex.

A few old movies that touch on this are Forbidden Planet – a bit of pinching fun with his pinchers.

Sonny out of I, robot – so caring, does anything for you. Oh yehh! I'd make it do a few things all right.

Many people in this fetish dress up like androids (human-like), robots (non-human like) or cyborgs (mainly human with robotic implants) – or get their partners to do this instead. It's all down to preference. Then you have some, who just like having sex with machines – symbian, drilldos, etc. These people are still techno-sexuals, but are a subculture among the fetish. You can get many of these things on some sex toy sites – well worth giving it a go, though I do warn you, it may start an addiction that could lead to very high electricity bills.