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Intro and Info

One of the originators of their genre, some call them Punk, see what you make of them -

Formed out of New York City in '73 and cited by so many people and other bands as a huge influential in the development of Punk, New Wave, and alternative music.

They were very much a fixture of the '70s New York, Punk, Protopunk, and Rock scene along with acts like the Patti Smith Group, The Ramones, Blondie, and the Talking Heads.

They recorded in a stripped-down, guitar-based manner similar to their contemporaries, but Television's music ha s a much more "clean" kind of feel, it was also more improvisational, as well as being technically more proficient, drawing influence from Avant-Garde Jazz and combining that with '60s Garage Rock. Their debut album, "Marquee Moon", is often considered one of the defining releases of that era.


Albums List

1) 1 Marquee Moon (1977


2) Adventure (1978)


3) Television (1992)

Television Television.JPG

Live Albums List

  1. The Blow-Up (1982)
  2. Live at the Academy, (1992) (2003)
  3. Live at the Old Waldorf (2003)

Compilation Album

  1. The Best of Television & Tom Verlaine (1998)

Singles List

  1. "Little Johnny Jewel, Part One" b/w "Little Johnny Jewel, Part Two" (1975)
  2. "Marquee Moon Part 1" b/w "Marquee Moon Part 2" (1977)
  3. "Marquee Moon (Stereo)" b/w "Marquee Moon (Mono)" (1977)
  4. "Prove It" b/w "Venus" (1977)
  5. "Foxhole" b/w "Careful" (1978)
  6. "Glory" b/w "Carried Away" (1978)
  7. "Ain't That Nothin'" b/w "Glory" (1978)
  8. "Call Mr. Lee" (1992)

Members Name Check

  • Tom Verlaine – vocals, guitar, keyboards (1973–present)
  • Billy Ficca – drums (1973–present)
  • Fred Smith – bass, vocals (1975–present)
  • Jimmy Rip - guitar (2007–present)
  • Richard Lloyd – guitar, vocals (1973–2007)
  • Richard Hell – vocals, bass (1973–1975)

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