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Teratophilia is defined as; having a sexual attraction to people who are deformed or of extreme weight. The word derives from the Greek, teratos: (meaning monstrous), and phile: (meaning lover).

There is a huge amount of amateur erotica that is apparently published, that targets people with such sexual attraction.

An alternative, and more positive way of looking at this fetish, is, that it is the ability to see beauty in the unusual. Although the clinical definition would call Teratophilia as a sexual fetish for deformed people, it should always be remembered that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that no one has a right to tell another that the way an individual sees beauty is wrong. After all, there actually is a large amount of people who would have sex Frankenstein's Monster.

A veriation of Teratophilia would be Acrotomophilia, which is the sexual arousal from amputees.