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Tha Beggas (at times confused with the spelling The Beggaz) was a collective of Hip Hop artists and groups that was featured on The Swarm album on a song called On The Strength.



Members Name Check

Some of the artists that worked under the banner of Tha Beggas have included:-

  • Long Axe (Black Lotus)
  • Dragonfly (Black Lotus)
  • Mega Soul
  • Scorpion
  • Samo Heung
  • Begga Ooh
  • Longfist
  • Bolo Gah(Actual Facts)
  • Buda Love (Actual Facts)
  • Jim Kelly (Black Lotus)
  • Majik Sword
  • Yukon Black (Short Axe)
  • Father Lord (Actual Facts) (deceased).