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Tha Beggas (at times confused with the spelling The Beggaz) was a collective of Hip Hop artists and groups that was featured on The Swarm album on a song called On The Strength.


Before Lord's death, he was featured on Killah Priest's "Tai Chi" along with Hell Razah and 60 Second Assassin off the album "Heavy Mental" and Sunz of Man "Sign Of The Time" along with Timbo King of Royal Fam.

Two prominent songs that have leaked since his return are "Get Something" & "Deadly Act" (featuring his younger brother Prince Hasaan).

One of Lord's many aliases is Wu-Chi.

Lord was killed in a car accident on June 13, 1997.

Some members of the group have also released projects under the name Hidden Aspects.

There have also been solo projects from Dragonfly, Long Axe, Bolo, Begga Ooh, Samo Heung (under the name Sammy Bravo) and Short Axe (under the name Yukon Black).

Bolo (King Cee), the producer of "On the Strength" released the first collaborative album from the group titled "Blood Sweat and Years".


1) Super Natural (12" single / cassette single, Emei Records, 1997)

2) International ‎(12" single, released on World Soul Productions, 1999)

Members Name Check

Some of the artists that worked under the banner of Tha Beggas have included:-

  • Long Axe (Black Lotus)
  • Dragonfly (Black Lotus)
  • Mega Soul
  • Scorpion
  • Samo Heung
  • Begga Ooh
  • Longfist
  • Bolo Gah(Actual Facts)
  • Buda Love (Actual Facts)
  • Jim Kelly (Black Lotus)
  • Majik Sword
  • Yukon Black (Short Axe)
  • Father Lord (Actual Facts) (deceased).