The High Numbers

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The High Numbers went on to become the legendary band The Who

The name change to The High Numbers happened at the request of a music publicist called Peter Meaden, he wanted to make them known as a Mod band, and “High numbers” was a reference to T-shirts with number designs, at the time, a coveted Mod fashion item.

The High Numbers consisted of the same line-up as The Who, but once their first single failed to chart, they switched back to The Who.

Both sides of their only official single release, Zoot Suit / I’m the Face (released on major Mod label Fontana in 1964), were believed to be works of Plagiarism; respectively, “Zoot Suit” and “I’m the Face” were Meaden’s reworkings of “Misery” by The Dynamics, and “I Got Love If You Want It” by Slim Harpo. Both were well-known Mod songs, it was rumoured that thus release angered the Mods, and this is why the single didn't chart, although, as the years went on, the Mods seemed to start to accept it.

The Who/The High Numbers quit their association with Meaden, and went on to become one of the most iconic “Mod” bands of all time.