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An Avant-Garde, Garage Rock, and Influential Protopunk band, formed by American GI's who were based in Germany in the mid- to late 1960s.

They released one album, Black Monk Time, which was characterised by repetitive, unconventional, and often primitive music and chanted lyrics.

They reunited in 1999 and have continued to play concerts, although no new studio recordings have been made. The Monks stood out from the music of the time, and have developed a cult following amongst many musicians and music fans.

Members Name Check

  • Gary Burger: Lead guitar, lead vocalist (died March 14, 2014)
  • Larry Clark (born Lawrence Spangler): Organ, vocalist
  • Eddie Shaw: Bass guitar, vocalist
  • Dave Day (born David Havlicek): Banjo (initially rhythm guitar), vocalist (died January 10, 2008)
  • Roger Johnston: drums, vocalist (died November 8, 2004)


Albums List

1) 1965 demo recordings

The Monks 1.jpg

2) Black Monk Time (1966, Polydor)

The Monks 2.JPG

3) Let's Start a Beat – Live from Cavestomp (2000, Cavestomp Records)

The Monks 3.jpg

Singles List

  1. "There She Walks" b/w "Boys are Boys" (as The 5 Torquays) (1964, self-published; reissued 2006, Munster Records)
  2. "Complication" b/w "Oh, How To Do Now" (1965, Polydor; reissued 2009, Play Loud! Productions)
  3. "Cuckoo" b/w "I Can't Get Over You" (1966, Polydor)
  4. "Love Can Tame the Wild" b/w "He Went Down To The Sea" (1967, Polydor)
  5. "Pretty Suzanne" b/w "Monk Time" (2009, Red Lounge Records)

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