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Turbulent Soundscape are a journey into a musical landscape, full of block-rocking beats, swirling guitar flurries, pulsating electro sounds, a waft of the choicest Jamaican Dub, cool Jazz vibes, of snappy Breakbeat, and of the finest Hip Hop; a journey into the incredibly strange world of Turbulent Soundscape.

Some History

First was created a three CD set, that charted the Turbulent Soundscape voyage through its formative years, showing the development of this ever evolving outfit that has grown out of a vibrant club-scene, held originally by the mighty Full Tilt at Camden's Electric Ballroom, at the time the world's longest running club night; also the likes of Slimelight, New York's "Bat Cave", Tel Aviv's own "Azimut", and Hollywood's "Perversion".

early demo artwork

From this dark under belly of society, one time Full Tilt main-man and a Dj with a true International reputation, Dj Rex Website (scriber of music, producer, vocalist, guitarist, player of the didgeridoo and world class DJ within the alternative scene) hooked up with co-writer and producer (not to mention former online agony aunt and drugs counselor for WellCoolStuff.com), Olly B. This was in the mid-to-late nineties, with a view to forming a "Chemical Brothers for a new generation."

What they have to say

"I started writing with Olly of the first four to five years of Turbulent Soundscape's existence," explains Dj Rex. "Because a lot of what we were hearing at the clubs was rubbish, so we started writing music that was aimed specifically at the clubs we were DJ-ing in at that time." He went on to say: "Major influences then came from DJs I met whilst playing in places like Tel Aviv, Spain and Athens, from back street record stores in New York and L.A. and from UK underground scenes, these vibes in turn filtered into our ever-growing style of music."

Olly B

Mute Records

Although originally a studio-based project, they were challenged by Mute Records to turn their attentions towards the live arena. This set Turbulent Soundscape on a two-year quest to find the ideal line-up. Their debut show at the Purple Turtle in Camden was well received, but gave the band more ideas, so it was time for more writing and to make even further line-up changes.

How TS Grew

Over time, various musicians of all levels of fame came and went, until a final line-up evolved naturally out of an astounding underground/alternative culture - and gigs became fun events.

The culture, which created this band, then found them as one of the forces to be reckoned with as they promoted their own club nights across the south of England.

an early days line up
Currently, Dj Rex still plays as an influential international DJ, and other band members became involved in the promotion and management of Turbulent Soundscape's clubs and events.

Midnight DC TS poster.jpeg

Album Release

In 2009, Turbulent Soundscape joined forces with US-based label Radio-Active-Music.com in preparation for the band's first international album release. More information coming soon!

In 2014 the band teamed up with label Detonation Recordings to prepare for the release of Take Two and Call Me from Camden, a more eclectic work showing how the band has developed over time.

2009 Release
2015 Release


Year Album Label Extra Details link to track
2000 Dj Promo Only Promo
"Gorgeous" a huge UK club hit
mixing Big Beat, with Rap,
female vocals
trance and industrial styles.
2001 remix for St.Eve
St Eve - No Human Words
(Turbulent Soundscape 1st remix)
2001 Full Tilt Vol 3, Main disc JVC
a remix of Figure of Eight by
Kill II This Remix
2001 Full Tilt Vol 3, 2nd Disc JVC
compilation appearence with the track
"Infinite Loop"
2002-2004 3 disc promo only promo only
tracks spanning the TS career
from Techno - Trip Hop
2009 Wake the Fkuc up Radio-Active-Music
a remastered USA release of the first
of the promo only albums
TBA Take Two and Call me From Camden Detonation Recordings
a reworking of the best of the
two remaining albums
from the promo only pack

Take Two and Call me From Camden

Track 1)

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