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Essentially an Electronic Dance Music act, who formed out of Leeds, Yorkshire, England, but they are so much more than a musically one dimensional style of band, they were a key part of the early days of Rave, and even gathered a following within the world of Industrial

The music is written and produced by Jez Willis and Tim Garbutt, who were joined on-stage by other musicians when the band played live from 1991 to 2001, since then they have performed as DJs.

Albums List

Maybe only a short list, but they had an amazing impact.

1) Utah Saints (1992)


2) Two (2000)


3) Freshtraxxx Vol 3 (mix album) (2008)


Singles List

  • 1991 "What Can You Do for Me"
  • 1992 "Something Good"
  • 1993 "Believe in Me"
  • 1993 "I Want You"
  • 1993 "What Can You Do for Me (David Morales Remixes)" (US only)
  • 1994 "I Still Think of You"
  • 1995 "Ohio"
  • 2000 "Love Song"
  • 2000 "Funky Music (Sho Nuff Turns Me On)" (feat. Edwin Starr)
  • 2000 "Power To the Beats" (feat. Chuck D)
  • 2001 "Lost Vagueness" (feat. Chrissie Hynde)
  • 2008 "Something Good '08"
  • 2012 "What Can You Do for Me" (as Utah Saints vs. Drumsound & Bassline Smith)
  • 2013 "I Got 5 on It" (as Rory Lyons ft. Utah Saints)


They had three top ten UK chart hits during the '90s. They had a 3 further UK top 40 singles between 2000 – 2001, a top 10 single in 2008 and a top 30 single in 2012.

They were highly notable for their use of sampling technology, particularly, manipulating samples from well known Pop/Rock artists and blending those samples with contrasting dance beats, using samples in new contexts.

They have been Djs throughout their career, mostly throughout Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand, managing at least 80 gigs each year.

It was their ability to cross music genres during their sets, that caused the Utah Saints to have never been fully labeled by any one scene, although they are best within the general Electronic Dance Music field.

Because of their genre crossing ability they have performed at a wide range of events, from underground electronic clubs to headlining festival stages, including their legendary headline set at the 2009 Wickerman Festival in Scotland, which was nominated as a standout festival moment in the UK festival awards.

They also were voted 2nd best dance act at Glastonbury (1st was Fatboy Slim) by NME magazine in 2000.

Classic Samples List

Here's a list of some of the best known samples, that Utah Saints have made use of over their career.

  • "What Can You Do For Me" (featuring samples of Eurythmics' "There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)", Gwen Guthrie's "Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent" and KISS' Alive II album)

  • "Something Good" (featuring a sample of Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting")

  • "Believe in Me" (featuring samples of The Human League's "Love Action (I Believe in Love)", Crown Heights Affair's "You Gave Me Love" and Sylvester's "Do Ya Wanna Funk?")

  • "I Want You" (featuring a sample of Slayer's "War Ensemble")

  • "Ohio" (featuring samples of "Fire" by Ohio Players and "Somebody Else's Guy" by Jocelyn Brown)

  • "Love Song" (featuring a sample from "Pick Up the Pieces" by Average White Band)

  • "Power To the Beats" (featuring Chuck D) and a sample from "Enter Sandman" by Metallica)