Water Bondage

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For legal reasons we need to state, that, if you experiment with the fetish described below, it is by your own choice, and is not considered to be by any recommendations of Altopedia, or any of our associates.

“Water bondage is where Rope Bondage, fetish and BDSM meet breath control, immersion, water sex, predicament bondage, and more. Women are bound, dunked, sprayed and drenched, then dildo f*cked and tortured with vibrators until they climax. With the most elegant rope bondage around, Water bondage has extreme bondage, breath play, punishment, domination, BDSM, fetish, Submission, pain, and real orgasms”

Those who practice Autoerotic Asphyxiation use a variety of methods to restrict their oxygen supply including partial hanging, the use of plastic bags or masks over the face, chest compression, and submerging under water. Reports of water-related hypoxyphilic deaths are exceedingly rare but have been documented.

There's a term “aqua-eroticism” which was first used in a 1984 paper, that was published in the Medical Journal, "Science and the Law' – by Dr. S. Sivaloganathan. The use of the term here was solely related to hypoxyphilia (i.e.. Autoerotic Asphyxiation). While there have been hundreds of papers and articles about hypoxyphilia.

Another case that was documented in academic literature was reported by Dr. A. Sauvageau and Dr. S. Racette in the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Here, the evidence for autoerotic asphyxiation was more clear cut. During the summer, a man aged 25 years was found dead in a lake, submerged underneath his boat. Despite being the height of summer, he was wearing a hockey helmet, a snowmobile suit, and ski boots. However, underneath these clothes he was found to be wearing a self-constructed plastic bodysuit over his naked body from head to toe with a separate plastic tube wrapped around his genitals. Furthermore, there were clear bondage elements. Around his wrists, ankles, knees and waist he was tightly bound in a mixture of mesh and chains (all of which were padlocked to his groin). The only air supply was a black tube joined to his mouth and sealed to the suit by silicone. The man’s air supply system comprised an open plastic container floating on the lake to his mouth.