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Who is Zirconia Starfighter

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Zirconia is a Cyber-fetish performer and photo model from Athens, Greece.

She started her life as a model when she realized how much love she had for the subcultures of fetish and Cyber. She also found a great love for all clothing made from all those wonderful materials which are considered "extreme", like latex, or vinyl, or PVC, and metal wear. She's even had a fascination for these since her childhood.

Zirconia claims that she paved the way for other girls in Greece, that she has given them the freedom to 'Dare to Wear' and become whatever they like. She undoubtably did a lot of things before anyone else. In her own words Zirconia will say - "A woman can be everything nowadays, a true chameleon; a source of innocence and perversion at the same time".

a little background

Zirconia was born to a deeply musical family.

Her father is one of the first music journalists and record critics in Greece, this led to Zirconia to have a strong interest in music and to start traveling around Europe, first with her father and later alone.

Her mother was a make-up artist and devoted her entire career to beauty, this of course had an influence on Zirconia as well. Zirconia was not the average child, she used to attend the most extreme experimental, alternative and underground concerts from a very young age, she would buy anything unusual, or individual and freaky, she would read anything she could that was related to underground music, metaphysical phenomena, as well as supernatural and Alternative Lifestyles.

She quickly became bored with her classmates and all people of her own age group, she was always trying to improve herself by practicing her hobbies; sketching, drawing, sculpting, writing stories and concert reviews, also singing and dancing were common characteristics. She became a remarkable student, finishing her high school with top grades, she learnt french, english and italian and then, received a Bachelor and Master degree in graphic design. She attended vocal lessons at the Athenaeum Odium from the age of seven, she sang for some bands, but left this behind for other activities. These sculpture are ready-made themes and are based upon her imagination, sometimes they are also influenced by books or mythology.

Moving on

Zirconia grew to become bored with her city's grey landscape, the amount of ordinary people there that were obviously lacking in imagination and found a liking for traveling abroad.

As for her dressing up, she couldn't understand how all girls in her country were so similar to each other and what she felt was "ordinary-looking" every day. Zirconia was searching for something different, she always went for the best and not for the second best. So, anything like a strange pattern on clothing would become an obsession for her. All this led on to Zirconia wearing shiny vinyl, PVC, leather, tulle, feathers and faux furs at the age of sixteen (this being very extreme for Greece and Athens as well) and visiting all the dark alternative clubs. As time went on, she grew to become not afraid of doing anything that popped up in her mind.


Zirconia's other job is a spectacular go-go dancer, performer (burlesque, fire and angle-grinder acts) and show-girl. She has danced and performed at some well known alternative clubs, some festivals and for bands and DJ's in Greece and across Europe.

She is also comfortable in front of a camera and experienced on a catwalk, she's also been known to pose with animals such as snakes and has worked as a snake dancer too.

Starting as a fetish model at her teens with photo-shoots for magazines and websites, she turned into a fashion icon as she appeared at the most important fetish events and showcase BDSM gigs in her country, at these events she would be found as a dancer, or a model or a fantasy/fetish performer.

Early in 2007, she made her first appearance abroad in Europe for bands such as Soman. She also performed several times in Europe at big festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen (for Mono No Aware, Soman and Welle:Erdball at Leipzig DE), Neuwerk Festival (for Soman in Dusseldorf DE), Míera Luna for Amduscia (MEX), for dj's such as Vasi Vallis (Reaper, Frozen Plasma, NamNambulu, DE), Erk Aircrag (Hocico, Rabia Sorda - MX), Helicon Sound System (for Narcosis/Sipsis, NOM, Septagram and Dj CRX in Athens GR), Paul Sofianos (GR) and numerous other big names in the music industry: Eisenfunk, Alien Vampires, Sorrows Path ñto name but a few, she then continued dancing for some of the most important international DJís in Europe, such as Armin Van Buuren (World's #1 Dj - NL), Seb Fontaine (UK), Glenn Morrison (CA), Mary Amado (Spain's #1 Djane - SP), Dave Audé, (US Grammy nominated producer, DJ and remixer for artists such as Korn, t.A.T.u., Faith No More, Cause and Effect, Hilary Duff, The Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Ecotek (GR & Denver, Colorado, USA), Anthony Pappa (UK), Gareth Emery (UK), Pier Morocco (UK), G-Pal (GR) and more. Full of energy on stage and off stage too, coming out with new ideas every time, she has worked with many photographers, she has been printed, and interviewed, in magazines, featured on event posters and has modeled for some well known fashion designers, artists and labels.

Her portfolio and references include fashion shows for Queens hairstylings (Athens GR), Cyberesque (Athens GR), Torture Garden clothing (Athens GR and Lyon FR), Cyberdog (Athens GR), Black N' Rose (Athens GR), IT Extreme (Athens GR), Cidesco Conference (Athens GR), photo-shootings with fascinating designs by Cyberesque, Savage Wear, AMF Korsets, Dread To Be Different, Medusa's House Of Dread, 4-showgirls, Dane, Rubberize and more. As for photographers, she worked in Germany, France and mainly in Greece with the most well known names in artistic and cutting-edge fashion photography. Nowadays she has numerous photo-sets which are indescribably unique and special as they take alternative to a pro level. She appears on numerous daily deviations and she has become the muse of many comic, cartoon & graphic designers, painters and digital artists.


Zirconia's club credentials include:

Underworld and Underworld Genesis, An, VS, Void, Persona, Secret, Loft, Shadow, Texas, Harley Davidson Club Hellas, Bulgari, Club 22, Stigma Rock Cafe, Gagarin 205 Music Space, Mad, Club 22, Bulgari, Argo Mykonos, Scandalo, Eightball, X-Club, Ihor, Cult (Thessaloniki GR), Campai, Muzik (Rethymno, Crete GR), Happening and Los Amigos (Evia GR), Sin City, Aratza, Goya, Roi Mat, Voice (Ex-Fortezza, Athens GR), Super 904 FM radio station (Heraklion, Crete GR), Kalyves (Chania, Crete GR), Elysium Sunset Bar (Mykonos, Cyclades GR), Zeros Laganas (Zakynthos GR), Arena (Agrinio GR), Morrison Hotel (Pyrgos Ileias GR), Nikopolis (Preveza GR), Nitro (Igoumenitsa GR), Ithaca, Artemida and the list of co operations, places and clubs goes on. Her Saturday dancing residency though, keeps being at Seven Sins club in the center of Athens (address: Themistokleous & Gamvetta 5, Kaningos Square). In her publications you notice names such as Dark Spy, Gothic Magazine, Espresso, Big Fish, Bloodcult Zine, Secret, Metro Magazine, Fashion Installation, Alt Life and more.

More Shows

Although she started working as a dancer and performer in 2004, in 2008 she participated at many extravagant team shows and got to know more artists. In the year 2009 she claimed her support on people's sexuality as her main motto is the unity between straight and gay people. Her participation at Salvation London and S-Clash festivals in Athens and Mykonos constituted one more proof about that.

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At the 23rd of August 2009 she participated at the recordings of the latest video-clip of Derek Liontis "Laugh hard" which is now playing on MAD TV and MTv Greece till the present time. She accepted some very positive critics about her acting and performance skills. Later at the 21st of January 2010 she participated at the video-clip of the famous Greek rapper TUS entitled "The exact opposite" as an acting model and wardrobe stylist in collaboration with Megadance agency and 4-showgirls store where she works on a daily basis as a graphic designer and coordinator as well. The clip met success in all popular Greek music channels. Many other video-clip participations of Derek Liontis and Tus followed such as "Save me", "Take me to Space" of Derek and, "Who are you listening to?", "Dance my baby", "Don't ask how I am doing", "Do as I said" of Tus. Today, as she already finished her video-shootings with Manolis Tzirakis of the music company Spicy, one more clip of Tus is on the way. Zirconia's co operations with a huge variety of different and interesting artists made her what she is nowadays: a versatile and unique professional in all the possible domains of modeling, styling, acting and performing.

After becoming a specialist in her angle-grinder performances and according to all her previous experience, she named herself "The Grinding Party-Monster" and started training other performers too. Living an adventurous double life and almost suffering in the name of art, nowadays she likes meeting creative people with interests and goals similar to hers. She loves to offer and be offered. Apart from being a model and a not so typical go-go girl, she is also into photography, photoshop wizardry and article reviews, as she is one of the main cooperators and editors of the most famous alternative magazines and columns in Athens where she lives. Willing to travel and offer her services and knowledge to any inspiring project. Consider the fact that she possesses a huge wardrobe, full of accessories and amazing outfits for an all time extreme and edgy presence. Her main aim is to dance as music is her source of life.


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